More than just Academic Tutoring…


At Journey to Learning Tutoring, we take a different approach to enriching and advancing your student’s growing academic mind. We value a tailored tutoring approach where each student benefits to the highest degree from individually developed and personalized tutoring programs. Licensed education professionals work side-by-side students targeting specific areas of struggle and strength.


 Instructors at Journey to Learning Tutoring specialize in the application of targeted strategies in each student’s academic tutoring plan in order to achieve the highest level of sustained growth. Building unique relationships with each student is key to uncovering their academic potential and is at the core of each instructor’s mission. These custom and individualized tutoring approaches are at the heart of Journey to Learning’s quality of service promise.


Tutoring Offerings at a Glance…

Not your Average Learning Center…


We believe students thrive and benefit most from tutoring that is done in a private, personal, and one-on-one setting. Every tutoring session takes place in an enclosed small classroom-like room where students are able to concentrate and retain instruction at the highest level of comprehension. We feel that an intimate distraction free learning zone is vital for ultimate brain engagement during the learning process. Tutoring is an exciting experience at Journey to Learning and our center shows this!



Private Learning Rooms

1-1 or 2-1 setting

Tutoring sessions take place in designated classroom-like spaces according to age of student. Elementary room, Middle-School room, High-School and Test-Prep room, etc. Each private learning space is age appropriately designed to achieve optimal engagement of student.


Brain Stimulating Learning Material

Innovative seating, sensory-based curriculum - providing sensory input to improve attention to task

Students learn in different ways. We apply creative and alternative methods of instruction based on sensory teaching strategies. Incorporating tailored activities involving textures, games and movement are a few examples of how engagement is maximized. Elementary students need choices! We understand and therefor provide seating options such as hoki stools, stability balls, traditional seats, and standing options!


Differentiated Learning Strategies

Students learn in different ways…

Curriculum and instructional approaches are specifically shaped around the unique needs of today’s students and their learning patterns.


Hot Beverage Station

coffee, cocoa, cider and more!

Learning should be enjoyable! Students can cozy up and sip on a warm beverage of their choice while attending tutoring. Who says you can’t enrich the mind and taste buds at the same time? (Offered to Middle and High School Students)


Prize Incentives

Bonus Bucks make learning rewarding

Students are awarded bonus bucks after every learning session that can be used towards prizes or target gift cards!


Teaching Licensed Instructors

Licensed highly trained academic professionals

Instructors undergo yearly comprehensive academic and strategic support training to ensure the highest level quality educational support to every student


Healthy Snack Station

growing minds require fuel!

We offer a range of healthy snacks and bottled water for students to enjoy while attending their tutoring session, including diet-restricted options!


No Contract Flexible Scheduling

We understand life happens…

Enjoy financial and scheduling freedom by not being locked into an academic contract!

A Student’s Personalized Journey to Success!


Initial Assessment

Comprehensive academic assessment of student in chosen program concepts using standardized and proven curriculum

Instruction and Concept Mastery

Strengthen and enrich student in subject areas through hands-on differentiated learning strategies

Personalized Program Development

Learning programs created based on unique areas of academic need for each student

On-Going Communication

Throughout student learning program and tutoring - Instructors provide session overviews, progress and lesson coverage, material mastered, etc.

Parent Conference

Share results, student observations, and learning goals

Quarterly Progress Reports

Breakdown of student growth, goal achievement, and continued student advancement plan

Convenient Minnetonka, MN Location


Located directly off of Highway 7 in Minnetonka, MN and just walking distance from the Minnetonka High School. Our learning center is located in a private, office-style building where safety and ability to learn is of top priority.