Individualized Homework Support

Achieve Academic Success and Boost Student’s Grades!

Middle School is a challenging chapter for many students as they experience the increased demands and expectations of this new education level. At Journey to Learning Tutoring, it is our promise to come along side your student with tailored homework support and tutoring that enables a smoother transition into Middle School. We provide supplemental academic support in designated subject areas of need for every student. Supplemental curriculum is provided for all core subject areas that is proven to strengthen academic performance on homework and tests. Accomplish the grades and test scores your student desires with our private homework support and test prep program!

An integral part of our homework support program is encouraging and maintaining accountability and organization of the student. During your student’s session, we will utilize their online school portal to stay up-to-date with their assignments and tests…

Homework, Test and Course Updates

Access Textbooks and other Materials

Log and Manage Grades

Ensure Student Planner use for Accountability

Teacher Correspondence when Necessary

Supplemental Reading Support

Our reading program is delivered by licensed teachers using proven and effective curriculum to deliver the highest quality instruction for all learners. Concepts taught help students prepare for standardized tests and promote reading success. Our program targets the main areas that help build a fluent reader


Text Evidence

Short Answer Questions



Spelling and Grammar

Supplemental Math Support

Homework performance along with our proven diagnostic assessments identify your student’s strengths and weaknesses in the area of math and allow us to develop an individualized academic plan. Incremental mastery of mathematical concepts helps promote success with more complex concepts introduced throughout their middle school career.


Order of Operation

Expressions and Equations


Word Problems

Intro trigonometry


Real World Application

Statistics and Probability

Ratios and Proportions

Data Analysis

Decimals, Percent and Fractions

Number Sense

Supplemental Science and History Support

Our program is designed to introduce your student to grade level science and history topics through engaging and interactive lessons. Our accredited curriculum is designed to fill in knowledge gaps that are seen through academic performance on homework and tests as well as challenge and enrich students. Our proven curriculum and homework support promotes the success of your student now and in the future. Lessons are focused on helping students learn new vocabulary, find text evidence and build excitement about the world around them!

US and World History


Physical science

Life Science

Earth and Space Science

Hourly Session Cost (7th-12th grade) $60.00 for 1:1 Instruction

Recommended For Optimal Growth - 2 Sessions Per Week

Snack and water provided during every session!

Writing Program

Teaching Six Pillars of Writing Success

  1. Conventions

  2. Organization

  3. Word Choice

  4. Sentence Fluency

  5. Ideas

  6. Voice

Program in Parts

  1. Letter Formation Practice: Use of principles from the Wilson/Fundations Curriculum

  2. Writing Mechanics: Grammar, punctuation, spacing, spelling, sentence fluency and style

  3. Writing process:

    Idea Organization

    Paragraph Formation

    Structure and Indenting

    Topic Sentences

    Sensory Words and Details

    Introduction and Conclusion Creation


    Final Draft

  4. Types of writing: teach main paper styles

    Personal Narrative

    How-To Writing

    Descriptive Writing



    Research Reports


Test Prep and Study Skills Program

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Hourly Sessions and Flexible Scheduling