Individualized Homework Support

Achieve Academic Success and Boost Student’s Grades!

High School is a challenging and stressful time for many students as they experience the increased demands and expectations of this new education level and prepare for college. At Journey to Learning Tutoring, it is our promise to come along side your student with tailored homework support and tutoring to decrease pressures and encourage limitless academic growth. We provide supplemental academic support in designated subject areas of need for every student. Supplemental curriculum is provided for all core subject areas that is proven to strengthen academic performance on homework and tests. Accomplish the grades and test scores your student desires with our private homework support and test prep program!

An integral part of our homework support program is encouraging and maintaining accountability and organization of the student. During your student’s session, we will utilize their online school portal to stay up-to-date with their assignments and tests…

Homework, Test and Course Updates

Access Textbooks and other Materials

Log and Manage Grades

Ensure Student Planner use for Accountability

Teacher Correspondence when Necessary


Math and Science Support

Personalized instruction is provided to students struggling in the following math and science areas as well as enrichment and challenge material. Highly trained instructors come along side students to clarify and strengthen their knowledge and understanding in these subject areas. Our goal is build student’s confidence through tailored instructional approaches and mastery of concepts. Whether struggling with homework, preparing for quizzes and tests, or just desire additional help, Journey to Learning Tutoring is excited to lead your student towards academic achievement and freedom!

Hourly Session Cost (7th-12th grade) $60.00 for 1:1 Instruction

Recommended For Optimal Growth - 2 Sessions Per Week

Snack and water provided during every session!


Test Prep and Study Skills Program


English and Writing Support

Paper writing can be a daunting task for high school students. Instructors provide students with the tools to be a successful and purposeful writer. Understanding the development, needed parts, and organization of a quality paper is the core of our writing program and we incorporate these concepts when assisting students with their personal writing assignments. Editing and proof-reading is another integral part of our program to ensure that students understand and learn from their mistakes.

Vocabulary Enrichment


Sentence Structure

Reading Comprehension

Book Analysis and Short Answer Construction

Vocabulary Enrichment

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Hourly Sessions and Flexible Scheduling